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Course Offerings

Wednesday evenings 6-8pm

February 22nd  Confident Birth
March 1st           Intentional Birth
March 8th          Nourished Birth
March 15th        Supported Birth

Connected Chiropractic
2205 Plaza Dr #250, Rocklin
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Join us for four nights of birth preparation and fun as we learn how to intentionally prepare for birth. Participants receive a workbook, discount on doula services, coupon code for the One Strong Mama program, and an invitation to join our private facebook support community! 

Confident Birth:
We will discuss birth options & planning, mindset, fears, positive birth visions, and much more!
Intentional Birth:
We will cover labor and birth, advocacy throughout, communication, and more to encourage intentional birth preparation.
Nourished Mother:
A nourished mother in pregnancy and beyond is so important. We will discuss ways to nourish your body prenatally as well as postpartum.
Supported Birth:
Learn how to prepare the body for labor, how to find comfort in labor, tips for partner support, and more to create a supported birth.

Birthing Room
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