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Prenatal Support & Birth Coaching

Complementary Consultation 

I offer complimentary 20 minute consultations on zoom to meet and briefly discuss your needs. This is a great opportunity to get to know each other before working together. 

Prenatal Support & Birth coaching $1000

This is for families who feel they do not need in person birth doula support during their labor and birth, but would like guidance and support prenatally to prepare for an empowered birth experience. I provide childbirth education in a one on one format both in person and virtually.  We walk through birth visions, work through fears, and discuss options available for an optimal birth experience. I am here to help guide you through information catered specifically to your needs.

Prenatally we meet three times to cover the essentials of labor, birth, breastfeeding, and postpartum. I walk you through birth options and help you solidify your birth preferences, teach comfort techniques such as acupressure, massage, counter pressure, and mindfulness, and answer your questions and concerns. We will talk about advocacy in the birth space to help you feel confident throughout your birth experience. You will receive reference material, recipe suggestions, and other tools to help you through birth and postpartum. 

I am available to you through text/phone call during your pregnancy, labor, and birth to help work through questions that may arise and remind you of what we talk through in our sessions.


I am on call for you two weeks before your birth up until you have your baby. During your labor and birth I am available to you through phone call, text, or video. I can provide virtual breastfeeding support through zoom while you are in the hospital as well. 

When you return home we will meet once more in person on virtually to offer postpartum support, birth debriefing, breastfeeding help, and newborn education. I remain available through phone/text for the first 4 weeks after your birth. 

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