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Complementary Consultation 

I offer complimentary 20 minute consultations on zoom to meet and briefly discuss your needs. This is a great opportunity to get to know each other before working together. 

Birth Doula Services  $1800

Birth doula services include prenatal, birth, labor and postpartum support customized to fit your needs. I help guide and educate you with evidence based resources from an informed and non judgmental place. My goal is to provide you with the tools you need to have an empowered birth experience.  My services include-- 2 prenatal meetings 1 postpartum visit  Discount code for the Body Ready Method program Birth plan assistance and birth education Postpartum planning assistance Breastfeeding education and support. Continuous physical, emotional, and mental support throughout pregnancy, labor and birth.  On call status for two weeks before your due date until the birth of your baby. Educational resources and support. Access to Evidence Based Birth PDF signature articles Access to my lending library Use of my TENs unit in labor. After labor support. Option for me to provide belly wrapping during our postpartum visit (you provide the wrap) Postpartum text /call check-ins for the first 4 weeks after birth. Additional prenatal and postpartum visits can be added for $100 each upon request.

Prenatal Support and Birth Coaching $1000 

This is for families who feel they do not need in person birth doula support during their labor and birth, but would like guidance and support prenatally to prepare for an empowered birth experience. I provide childbirth education in a one on one format both in person and virtually.  We walk through birth visions, work through fears, and discuss options available for an optimal birth experience. I am here to help guide you through information catered specifically to your needs. ​ Prenatally we meet three times to cover the essentials of labor, birth, breastfeeding, and postpartum. I walk you through birth options and help you solidify your birth preferences, teach comfort techniques such as acupressure, massage, counter pressure, and mindfulness, and answer your questions and concerns. Will will talk about advocacy in the birth space to help you feel confident throughout your birth experience. You will receive reference material, recipe suggestions, and other tools to help you through birth and postpartum.  ​ I am available to you through text/phone call during your pregnancy, labor, and birth to help work through questions that may arise and remind you of what we talk through in our sessions. I am on call for you two weeks before your birth up until you have your baby. During your labor and birth I am available to you through phone call, text, or video. I can provide virtual breastfeeding support through zoom while you are in the hospital as well.  ​ When you return home we will meet once more in person on virtually to offer postpartum support, birth debriefing, breastfeeding help, and newborn education. I remain available through phone/text for the first 4 weeks after your birth.

Placenta Services $300

Encapsulation: If I am your doula I will take the placenta home after birth. If not, I will pick it up 2-6 hours after birth. Placenta will be steamed, dehydrated, prepared into capsules, and delivered back to you within one week with directions on how to use them. Also includes a cord keepsake.  Placenta Tincture $20 (with encapsulation service) $75 (a la carte) Placenta will be prepared into a tincture. Delivered back to you within one week with directions on how to use it. This requires only a small piece of the placenta.  Placenta Print $20 (with encapsulation service) $75 (a la carte) If you are also encapsulating your placenta, the print will be made naturally or with food coloring. If you do not want encapsulation the print can be made with ink.

Bengkung Belly Binding

Belly binding encourages support for the pelvic floor, core, lower back, diastases recti healing, closing of the womb space, and much more. This wrap is typically worn for 12-24 hours for the first week or two after birth.  I come to you and teach you how to use the wrap. I can offerer suggestions for where to purchase or how to make your wrap and I will complete your first wrapping. You will also be provided with a tutorial to help you wrap yourself after our session. If you are a doula client, I will provide complementary belly wrapping during your postpartum visit. You will need to purchase the wrap ahead of time.  If you would like this as a separate service and are not my doula client, please inquire for exact pricing. Service investment depends on your location and begins at $100.

Custom Breastmilk Soap

This soap is made handmade with your breastmilk. You will receive 10-12 bars (approximately 40 oz) of cold processed breastmilk soap. This soothing soap is made with a tallow base. There are vegan options available upon request. You will need 8oz of breastmilk for this soap. Contact me to learn more!

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